How to Foil

Foiling is the process of mixing water with powder eye shadow to bring out the metallic look of a shadow. A great side benefit to foiling is that it makes eye shadow last about twice as long as it would if applied dry. Foiling can also be done with eye liner (see notes below).
Step 1  


Shake a small amount of powder into the lid of the container.

Step 2  


Dip your brush in some water (you only need a drop) and swirl it around the lid to make a paste.

Note: Less water will make the look more opaque and intense, and more water will make the look more sheer like watercolors.

Step 3  


Apply the eyeshadow paste, blending as it dries.

Finished Look  

... and that's it!

Note: Foiling can also be done with eye liner for a liquid liner look. If you want a thin, precise line, the precision liner brush works best. If you want the long-lasting properties of wet lining, but you like the look of soft, smudgy dry-lined eyes, you can achieve this by wet lining with an angled liner brush and then smudging with a cotton swab as it dries. (This takes a bit of practice, but the results are worth it.)

Shades used: Pink Champagne, Moroccan Sunset, and Chocolate

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